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Preparing for our Re-Opening

I've been updating a lot of things; our schedules, cleaning protocols and operating procedures preparing for the day when we're legally allowed to go to work. (Not sure if it's actually illegal at this point or just frowned upon because someone has decided that physical touch is dangerous but going to walmart but that's not what this post about.

I know there are so many different emotions and views on the current state of the world and I'm not going to go into them, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I do want to let you know that we will meet you where you are.

Our space is a sanctuary, a place for you to unwind and feel safe. It will continue to be that way, and whatever you need to feel safe, we will accommodate that. We do ask that if you are ever feeling under the weather, that you reschedule for both of our well-being :)

If you feel more comfortable staying in your car and having us notifying you when the coast is clear, we will do that.

If you want to wear a mask during your session, you absolutely can.

We will be wearing a mask and if you'd feel more comfortable if we weren't, let us know.

If you don't care either way, then we don't even have to discuss masks or discuss anything, I know you're coming to unwind and take a break from all of this.

If you want to vent about masks and your experiences and how you feel about all this, feel free to.

I know we have our routines and this is a great time to remind you that your session is whatever you need it to be. We try our best to set a relaxing vibe but if you ever need something different, please let us know. If you'd prefer different music, more or less lighting, more or less pressure, let us know.

It is YOUR time on the table and we're here to accommodate you.

We have been here to meet you where you are with your comfort and will continue to do so.

We have taken the updated massage procedures seriously and have the necessary cleaning supplies and will be sure to continue to follow these helpful & updated policies. We also know the importance and difference in cleaning, sanitizing and dis-infecting. We deal with a lot of different skin and body conditions and we have been trained how to deal with them.

Your comfort, health and safety are our priority so please let us know how we can best do so.

We also have some other really exciting news that we're preparing to share to stay tuned :)

Feel free to share any concerns about our upcoming re-opening!

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