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Mindful Monday's

We know how important human connection is and while there might be times where that might not be possible so we've been working on other ways we can help your peace of mind.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present. Being aware of where you are, what you're thinking and feeling in this moment right here. Feel your body in the chair your in. Notice your breathing. Are you holding your breath? Are you clenching your teeth?

That right there was a super short mindful practice. The point is to observe, to step back; to pause and not judge anything you observe. Just noticing a little bit more in this current moment.

Every Monday in November, my friend Maria; yoga teacher & mindfulness coach led us through a 5 minute mindfulness meditation. I'm constantly amazed by how great it is to just slow down and take some deep breaths. An hour long yoga class or even a 30 minute meditation can seem impossible to fit in to a busy day, 5 minutes is totally doable (so we thought).

There were a couple times we both wanted to cancel but I'm glad we didn't. #1, it was nice to hear that someone else was also struggling with taking a 5 minute pause and #2, it was a great reminder of how powerful it is to have an accountability partner.

This month, we're taking a little step further and we will be focusing on tools for healthy coping.

We decided to make this available on zoom instead of Instagram. If you'd like to sign up for our Mindful Monday's series, you'll be able to access the video & meditation at your convenience. Sign up here.

12/7: GIVING- We'll explore why giving can be a powerful way to de-stress.

12/14: DISCONNECT- We'll talk about how a little unplugging can calm & refresh us.

12/21: SELF-CARE: We'll cover simple ways you can give yourself some love and attention.

12/28: PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: We'll discuss the best (and easiest) way to move our bodies.

We'd love for you to join us!

Wishing you well,

Ruby Sun

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