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Marching right into a New Year!

February's too short of a month to have a newsletter so here we are- ready for March!

The one year anniversary for the 2 week shut down is right around the corner! None up us had any idea what a roller coaster 2020 was going to be. The two-week shut down turned into 4 months of no work for us. But that wasn't the first time I was shutdown & unable to work.

My emergency c-section 26 weeks into my pregnancy stopped my work & income overnight. I had no idea when or if I was ever going to return to the job I love so much. I had to go with the flow as best as possible + I couldn't have gotten through it without the support from friends, family + my amazing clients.

Thankfully, I had a savings account this time around & reminded myself I survived the first time & had to look back at the tools I used the last time my world was turned upside down- Meditation, gratitude, perspective, & vitamins and nutritious food (and the occasional visit to Caliche's). It's during times of chaos and crisis that we learn what we really need to survive and that's each other.

Once again, I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for the continued support, getting us through another incredibly humbling year. We are feeling hopeful + ready to continue our mission of helping you feel better + live healthier, relaxed lives.


We're offering an introductory Buy 1 month, get one 50% off so you can see how you feel when you get a massage on a more regular basis.

Take advantage of this introductory offer here.

We've also added some new services to help your mind and body in other helpful & necessary ways.

Lisa Juliano- Psych K facilitator & Pranic healing student has joined our team & we're working with clients together to help manage physical & mental stress.

After 18 years as a college math instructor, Lisa is embarking on her next adventure. She has always been interested in the connection between science & spirituality and began studying energy work in 2012. She uses this training to support people in helping them become more aware of their own energy fields and how to use their energy to manage their mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

Experience a session with Lisa for this month's Ruby Ritual:


Our outdoor yoga classes are back. Enjoy the warmer weather & get your dose of vitamin D in

our private courtyard.

Classes are casual & full of modifications to ensure you're comfortable while you breathe, stretch and let go of that tension you've been carrying around.

Book online under the YOGA menu at THERUBYSUN.COM

See you soon!

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