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Anniversary Party + MEMBERSHIP MANIA!

This weekend is such a special celebration and it would mean the world to us if you stopped by! The almost 5 months of not being able to do bodywork gave us time to prepare our forever home, though at the time- we weren't even sure we would be able to keep the doors open.

Rachelle was still on maternity leave so it was only Philip and I. We now have Carmen, Neena, Maria, O'dette, Jade, Jess, Saharu, and other guests who come teach and will be added more services and therapists in the next few months!

The uncertainty of pending shut downs, the fear of any little cough or sniffle from ourselves or our clients, the hesitancy of being around people again even when we were able to work made for a very shaky first half of our year here. But those of you who have stuck with us during this trying time, we're beyond humbled & excited to be celebrating our ONE YEAR anniversary.

You might get tired of hearing it but I'll never get tired of sharing what this place means, not just to me but to the incredible individuals who've made a home here.

The terrifying decision to settle down into a space during an even more terrifying time for the world has paid off and we couldn't have done it without you. This is truly a dream come true, not just my own dream but the dream of these amazing individuals who are making a living doing jobs they love to do.

This space that we're in is more than a beautiful building with cool furniture and beautiful architecture. It's a space for you to unwind. A space to take time for yourself. A space to move and stretch. A space to gather with your closest friends and be pampered. A space to connect with like-minded people. A space to listen to your inner voice.

And none of that would be happening if it wasn't for you.

So this weekend, you are invited to come celebrate with us. And if you haven't been in here yet, you're invited to come see what we've been doing.

If you've already tried a membership- we thank you so much for your willingness and your patience. While I've mentally been working on adding memberships into our model, actually executing and working on the technology to manage it all hasn't exactly been a walk in the park.

It hasn't been financially feasible to have a full time office assistant so it's still mainly a one woman show up front so thank you for your patience. That will be changing in the next month or so which should alleviate the sometimes stressful lack of communication whenever you're needing answer to questions or simply just having a real person answer the phone.

We're adding some things, and changing some others but we're definitely moving forward.

We hope you'll join us this weekend for a fun-filled celebration!

Buy two months at regular price and you'll automatically get THREE months free and you'll be enjoying regular massages the rest of the year!

The membership deal is only good during the celebration so if you can't make it, it would be worth it to send someone to buy a membership for you and you both can enjoy the perks of the RUBY membership since its good for two people!

Learn more about our memberships here.

If you absolutely can't make it, we'll be launching a 50% off cyber deal on August 1st. Use the code SUNDAYSALE. Only one purchase per person but you can buy up to 5 and give the gift that keeps on giving!

The two months doesn't start until you schedule your first appointment after the purchase so if you're buying it as a gift for someone else, we will send you a virtual card that you can send the and they 2 months will start at their first appointment.

And if you're already a member, your two months will be added to your current plan.

Thank you so much for your support + we'll see you Saturday!

With gratitude,


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