Clients often ask how often they should get a massage. Once a month is good, but two or more is even better! No matter how frequent you come, make the most of your time here with us by experiencing all we have to offer. From our private yoga room, members lounge, self-serve tea bar and even a room to take a nap- you're sure to leave here more relaxed than you've felt in months, or even years.

By signing up for a membership, you're not only making a commitment to taking care of you but you're helping us by providing a small, regular paycheck for us. 2020 has been devastating for all of us, and our small business has been hit hard by being shut down. So even if you aren't comfortable getting bodywork, we have safe ways to enjoy relaxation in our new home, with or without us. 

Here's how it works:

By signing up for a membership, you'll be charged a set amount based on your chosen package. Your monthly payment is essentially a deposit, a small financial commitment that comes with perks like a sauna session, discounts on retail and gift cards as well as a member rate per service and the use of our space*. This will vary based on current state guidelines but we have ways to have you experience the sauna and lounge without interaction from us. Being a member allows you to save on body work at an average of $15 or more per session.

You'll be given access to our members area where you can book your services at your member rate. You can also keep track of all your current and future appointments with the optional app. 


  We don't have access to your info, it's securely stored with our payment processing service. Unlike other memberships, you can cancel anytime- no need to call or send a three page essay as why you need to cancel. We aim to make everything easy and effortless.


You can also go up or down a package if you find you need more or less. That we will need to help you with. 


We appreciate your continued support. We value all of our clients and are beyond thankful to have so many amazing relationships and hope to continue to stay open to keep you relaxed, pain free and to keep offering new and helpful ways to rejuvenate. 

Have any other questions? Feel free to call or text us at 915-400-RUBY!