"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

Relax, Release & Unwind...

Re-discover your sense of well-being with personalized services that nurture both body and mind. Our menu offers experiences to help you achieve ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Our experienced staff offer offer intuitively guided bodywork & services; relaxing, luxurious & therapeutic. 

- Lao Tzu 


Felicia was introduced to Eastern medicine at a young age & fell in love with holistic healing and set out to pursue a career in massage right after high school. She has been voted "Best Massage Therapist" twice in her 16 year career.

Helping others has always been a passion for Rachelle. While in TX she learned Acro yoga & worked with wounded warrior projects, child diabetes & started her career in massage therapy. Today- she focuses on Thai  Yoga massage to help individuals lead healthier and more comfortable lives.

Philip has been teaching yoga for 2 years and decided to take his love for movement and start a career with massage therapy. He loves working with people and has a gentle spirit and a natural touch. 

— Name, Title

I met Felicia last weekend and was VERY impressed! Let me preface this by saying it takes A LOT to impress me. I scheduled my appointment for massage and healing energy. Felicia is an AMAZING healer. Yes, I said HEALER. I could feel the heaviness lifting as she worked on and over me. I felt and STILL feel AWESOME! Re-energized & rejuvenated. I told Felicia about a trouble area, she worked that area and I am reaping the benefits! I had the first pain free day and night in a long time. I truly wish I had found her earlier. I'm a travel nurse and my contract is coming to an end. I would have seen her EVERY week!! Alas that cannot be the case. So, I share my FANTABULOUS experience with all of you!! Brightest Blessings, Felicia! Thank you for your time and for sharing your gifts with me!" 





Mind, Body & Spirit come together for ultimate relaxation. 


Our signature service is 75 minutes which allows time for relaxation as well as targeted work on your trouble areas.


Combining Swedish and therapeutic massage techniques, along with healing crystals infused oils & aromatherapy- you'll leave refreshed and rejuvenated.


The stones’ heat penetrates your body, softening the fascia and connective tissues at a deep level, allowing a moderate amount of pressure to be sufficient. It is a kinder and gentler deep tissue massage. 


The cbd is carried deep into the tissues as well, by the carefully infused oils, which are applied richly and followed by the hot stones.


Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the many compounds inside the hemp and cannabis plants. These compounds belong to molecules called phytocannabinoids

The natural cannabinoids within your body work with these receptors to prevent your nervous system from misfiring or acting defectively.


We use organic CBD massage oil to help the body deal with inflammation and pain.


Thai yoga is a form of therapy that focuses on lengthening & stretching the body.

This session is performed on a floor mat. Please come wearing comfortable or workout clothes. The therapist will twist and stretch your troubled & tight areas.


Not only will it improve flexibility but will address energetic imbalances by working on sen lines.


Enjoy 35 minutes of relaxation...a perfect way to rejuvenate during lunch or great way to ease into body work if you've never experienced a full length session.


This session can also be tailored to your needs.

We'll maximize our time by focusing on your most troubled areas.


Tired & achy feet? Foot work is a great way to experience full body benefits because the feet mirror the body.


These reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems.


We offer two options: 

30 minutes of relaxation or  the 60 minute Deluxe with foot soak. 


Smudging is an ancient ritual using sacred herbs to cleanse clear out energy. Smudging cleanses out negative energy and allows positive, healing energy to enter.


Using a special blend of organic salt crystals, grape seed oil and sage, your skin is exfoliated and refreshed followed by an application of hand blended lavender sage lotion.


Your mind, body and spirit will be cleansed and infused with positive vibes.


The Chakras are our energy centers located throughout our body. These centers can accumulate lower energies and get out of balanced which can cause you to feel anxiety and get overwhelmed with negative emotions.


With the use of gemstones, tuning forks and a guided meditation, your energy system will be re-balanced and energy blockages will be cleared.


Are you excited to wake up every day? Do you spend time daydreaming of a different life? Let me show you how to turn your dreams into plans with a proven system designed to help you discover your passions & align your life with what really matters to you! This session can be done in person or online via zoom or skype. Great gift for that one person on your list that you never know what to get!


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Las Cruces, NM

Tel: 915 - 400 - RUBY

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